Which cat litter box is best for you and your cat

As a cat owner, there is one thing that you all can agree on, you love your cats but cleaning their poop 10 times, a day is a definite NO for me. Which is why having a litter box that would make it easier for me to clean my cats dump would be great.
See, when it comes to cats, you know for a fact that they can be moody. They irritate you all day long, no matter how much you love them but we all know that they’re not going anywhere so we might as well get them whatever they feel comfortable in.
Following are few qualities that would help you understand which cat litter box is best for you and your cat: 

  • Automatic Litter box:

When you go shopping for your cat, do not compromise on the quality, even if you have to buy something expensive. Get your cat an automatic litter box. Here’s why:
·         they save your time
·         They save your money by buying litter again and again
·         They make your cat feel comfortable
·         They are self-cleaning
·         You only have to take out the dump ONCE A WEEK.

  • Covered litter boxes:

If for some reason, you’re unable to afford an automatic litter box, don’t worry, we have another solution for you. A box-shaped cage, where your cat can easily do her business and when she’s done, you can set her free.
These kind of litter boxes are usually helpful when you’re training your cat. This way, you can lock it up and set it free when it is done. I know it seems harsh but it works 100% and once your cat is trained, you can buy another open litter box for it!

  •          Self-cleansing Litter boxes:

No, these are not the automatic litter boxes that I have mentioned above, these are your daily life, affordable little boxes but with a self-cleaning area in them. What kind of area you ask?
It has a patented grill within it that separates your cat’s waste passing it into the attached dumpster drawer. All you have to do is clean the drawer every once in a while and you and your cat both will live happily forever after. 

  •  Disposable litter boxes:

You may be the kind of cat owner who likes to keep it simple and hey, I’m no one to judge. For you guys, there are disposable litter boxes. They’re portable and great to use for the following reasons:
·         Cost-efficient
·         Can throw away when start to smell
·         Made from recycled paper
·         Easy to carry around

  •           Buy something within budget:

When you’re spending money on your cat, be sure not to spend TOO MUCH. The thing is that cat’s don’t easily get comfortable in things.

They’re moody and they want to be listened to so what if you buy an expensive litter box and end up regretting it because your cat wasn’t comfortable? So, always spend a reasonable amount of money on your cats. 

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